We have read MANY blogs about people doing similar trips. We don’t remember any of them talking about the extenuating planning that it takes to do this! We don’t know why it should come as a surprise, though. It takes us about three weeks to plan for a 4-day weekend backpacking trip. This time we hope to be on the road for 360 days. Do the math.

But the planning! It.is.exhausting.

Find renters. Pack stuff away. Write a lease. Close accounts. Open bank accounts. Build a van. BUILD A VAN. Get the scoop on homeschooling. Find supplies. Get health insurance. Life insurance. Renter’s insurance. Car insurance. Check first aid kit. Get immunizations. Pay bills. Buy camping supplies. And the water supply? And the bathroom? How about showers? And unwanted hair? Plan a route. Find maps. Go?


Fortunately this has been a community effort. SO MANY OF YOU loving family and friends helped us get on our way. Cabinets and bunks, headrests, curtains, sheets, mosquito netting, property management, mechanics, parties, fishing pole, emergency finder thing, battery monitor, friend suggestions along the way, storage space, a logo, a blog, journals, moral support, gift cards, even cash! You made it easier to leave and very hard to leave at the same time. GRACIAS!

Wayne, building the van cabinets

Wayne, building the van cabinets

Nate, moving our stuff into the attic.

Nate, moving our stuff into the attic.


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  • Eric Austin Lee

    Dear friends,

    Remember not to set up the mosquito nets inside-out!

    See y’all soon?



    • Nate

      Good seeing you and Tiana last night, Eric! Thanks for the games, conversations and hugs. Love you guys.

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