In eight days we will look back to the Seattle skyline to say goodbye and head south. South to Patagonia. For a whole year, The Tangletown 4 will transfer our Fantastical Adventures to the roads of Central and South America in a Sprinter van named Cosmo.

We were trying to remember the first time we talked about heading south. We couldn’t. It’s been N’s dream since he was 19. Travelling has been V’s since she can remember. And since B & A were born, giving them roots and wings has been a priority.

We want the kids to see the sights, meet the people, smell the air (and the fumes of diesel trucks) and eat the guavas before B goes to high school and A enters middle school. 13 and 11. “Perfect ages to do this!” — we keep telling ourselves (maybe to convince each other that we won’t regret it after two months of living in a van).

It was after reading this in one of Craig Childs’ books that the dream became an obsession.

Maybe it’s a genetic splinter that I have, one that is necessary for the survival of the species. It says to a certain number of us, Go. It says, Find what is out there, know what is out there, become what is out there, sending us away as if getting rid of us to perish or plant a seed, or just to never be heard from again. So I went.

Since then, our frugal lifestyle has had a dual purpose: to live more intentionally and to allow us to go.

So we went.

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  • Stephen Halsey

    What an adventure and what great memories! You are going to have so much fun. You guys need a family Instagram channel!

  • Nicholas Roy

    wow! You guys are crazy. take me with you! If you need a pit stop in SoCal let us know…

  • Francisco

    Sounds beautiful. Enjoy the ride!

  • Ronda Vanderbush

    So excited for you guys! I can’t imagine what an exciting trip this is going to be and so glad you are blogging! I will be following you – AND praying for you!!!

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